Rules for living at Dan's house

(This is a first draft. Input is welcome.)



Living Room


The Office

Other Public Spaces (e.g. the hallway)

Storage Space

Privacy, Guests, and Stuff Like That

Debt Tracking System

The debt tracking system consists of a file listing costs paid, who paid them, and who benefitted from them. This is processed by a program (DebtTracker) that calculates a balance for each party. Debts are paid when balances are zero.

The payment file will be stored in a Git repository and also posted on a publicly viewable web site (though possibly at a URL known only to occupants). Suggested additions may be e-mailed to Dan.

Some expenses that should be entered include:

Under normal circumstances, no balance should drop below -500$.

Property Damage

Damage to property neither due to normal wear-and-tear will be repaired, or have the cost of repair paid for by the party or parties responsible for the damage.

Examples of normal wear-and-tear includes:

Examples of abnormal damage include:

Dispute Resolution

When there is a dispute over an issue not resolved by the above rules, it will be resolved by a coin flip. Because it is his house, Dan may request one re-flip if he doesn't like the outcome for minor disputes, up to 3 re-flips in cases where he believes the consequences of the 'wrong' flip result to be especially dire.

Alternatively, if agreed to by all parties, a dispute may be resolved by:

Changes to These Rules

May be agreed upon, with disputes resolved using the method described above. New rules get a 1-month trial period, and may be reverted when agreed upon, also using the same dispute resolution method.