JST-RCY / Mini-PV (Dupont) connector compatibility

Q: I have a bunch of male JST-RCY connectors lying around and would like to glue one to a board to power some LEDs. Would I be able to plug a cable with female Mini-PV (commonly referred to as "DuPont") connector on the end into that?

A: Yeah, that should work.

Female dupont connector plugged into male RCY

The lighting in the above pic is from an LED lamp plugged into a long series of connectors, including the pictured one.

Q: How about the other way: Male Mini-PV/DuPont into female RCY?

A: Yeah, that seems to work also.

Male dupont plugged into female RCY

Note that the pin spacing/pitch of RCY is 2.5mm, whereas that of DuPont/Mini-PV is 2.54mm (i.e. 1/10″). The pins may also be a slightly different shape: Mini-PV pins are square, while JST-RCY ones are flatter. Those differences don't seem to be enough to prevent 2-pin connectors from mating snugly and securely.

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