The 'TS34Encoded' Datatype

This document describes the XML datatype, i.e. lexical-to-value mapping, identified by the URI "", deprecatedly known as "".

Lexical space: strings of the format: data URI + [whitespace + datatype URI]*, i.e. a whitespace separated list of the URI of the encoded data followed by any number of datatype URIs.

Value space: All resources.

Mapping: The first URI indicates the encoded form of the value. May often be a ‘data:’ URI. Each URI following names a datatype whose lexical->value mapping should be applied, in order, to resolve the represented value.

This datatype may be useful even when only one datatype is applied, since it allows you to type non-literals in RDF!

It also provides a universal format for referencing:

TODO: Examples

TODO: Examples in XML+RDF

TODO: Live JS-based playground on this page