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Welcome to D5.2a!

To play the game, you can either log in using the bar at the top, or play as guest. If you don't have an account you can create one

Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT!)

You must hit backslash to save any changes you have made. Room claiming is automatic when you click on the ground to place blocks, but if you do not hit backslash to save your changes, other players will only see that you have claimed the room - they will not be able to claim or build on it themselves, and they will not see your changes. People who click all over but never save leave a mess. It's a design flaw. Sorry.

Other keys:

Note the 10-block mini-palette that can be accessed using the 0-9 keys. Right and left-click can be assigned different blocks in the mini-palette, and you can choose different blocks from the main palette into the mini-palette by clicking and/or hitting 0-9.

Other stuff

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