About Nuke24.net

I am TOGoS. I am not really a Lemur, and I don't really look like Dancin' Buddy or Mulker Dude either, but sometimes I forget that. Actually I'm just some guy, but you don't have to know that or keep it in mind.

I have a tendancy to write software and electronic music.

I love cool places. Moreso than I like most other things. I love forests and mountains and big grassy fields, and wooded backyards with those little sidewalk lights and fireflies, and campfires and lakes and big open skies full of stars, and mist in the morning and railroad tracks that go off to mysterious new places. And Frank Lloyd Wright's work is awesome, and I always wanted to be an architect, but for some reason I ended up becoming a software engineer instead. I guess I decided that making virtual worlds was easier than making real ones.

My favorite video game of all time is probably Doom, not because Doom itself was an especially good game (I really only liked the first episode), but because of its high moddability. I spent a lot of hours working on Crapi and Junko.

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