Bodzinprac 2210 (1.15)

Practicing the 'mess with parameters while the MIDI loops' technique, inspired by Oscar's video about recreating Singularity by Stephan Bodzin.

I realized that I do very much zone out when messing around on the MIDI keyboard, but since I'm not a very good keyboardist I tend towards playing the same sappy minor chords over and over again, which eventually gets annoying. The inverse, having the MIDI data preset while messing with instrument settings, is an alternate way to zone, and might work better for me.

This track was made based on that philosophy, recording into an Ableton Live arrangement while messing around in session view. Unfortunately I don't yet have a panel of physical knobs (well, I do have the push, but it's kind of bulky and under a bunch of stuff; I want to build myself a grirack panel full of potentiometers hooked up to an Arduino but keep failing to get around to it), so all the settings were entered by mouse clicks.

Not a great track, but works for me when I want to keep a steady 120 steps-per-minute walking pace, and maybe parts are cool.

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