The Fantastic Buttless Cigarette 2303 (version 'ae')

Last night I meant to do work but accidentally messed around in Bitwig for 4 hours and made this. My intention was to experiment with loading up the low end with a lot of junk and then filtering and compressing it to see if I could get a relatively smooth bassline back out, which might have been interesting, and maybe it sort of worked, or maybe I completely failed because Bitwig doesn't yet feel like an extension of me but instead sort of a confusing plethora of different ways to do things and how do I have filter frequencies track the note being played, huh? (I think I eventually figured that one out; somewhere along the line a modulation value of +100% means +4 octaves).

Version 'ae' builds upon the original 'ab' by actually applying that multibrand compression from the original idea, pushing the gain up so that the bass is around -6dB, my default target based on some Deadmau5 track that I was using for reference one time, and also push everything else up to a range where it sounded bright-ish. Still not quite up to Ekkoaphex-level mastering (I feel like I did a good job on that one), but it's practice. Bitwig's multiband effect doesn't have a compressor built-in; it lets you put whatever effect chains you want for different bands, which is a neat thing Bitwig devices can do that Ableton Live ones can't.

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MP3 192TOGoS-Buttless_Cigarette_2303-ae.192.mp3

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