Christmas 2020 Mix Part 1 (version 'bn')

About The Song

Part one of two (or three, depending if you count 144 Mix as the middle section) mixes that I put together around the end of 2020. Unlike Part Two, Part One was actually ready to give to my mom for Christmas.

About This Version (version 'bn')

I had been futzing with the master effects for a few versions, with automation to adjust pre-compression gain, distortion, etc for each track, before finally realizing that it might be easier to just give each different part its own 'mastering effects' chain, with a simple fast limiter on the master bus. That way I can futz with the settings for the individual sections to my heart's content without messing up the other sections, and the main bus is completely transparent when the sum of the inputs is ≤ 0dB, which should be true when any given part is playing by itself (either because the track is left alone, or because its own mastering effects conclude with a 0dB limiter or CTZ device).

The whole thing might be louder and brighter than it needs to be, but at least it's sounding relatively consistent.

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Track Files

MP3 192TOGoS-Christmas_2020_Mix_Part_1-bn.192.mp3

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