DJ Fresh's Groovy Ride 2212 (version 'ae')

Dedicated to DJ Fresh, who had a cough on Friday and had better stay away from the beat factory.

This served as practice for me using the Poly Grid (all synths but one in this track are a single, self-playing poly grid) and Bitwig in general, because I bought it for myself but haven't yet got the hang of it or even started reading important parts of the entire manual. Not that I ever read the Ableton Live 11 manual from cover-to-cover either, but it's something to aspire to when you're new to a DAW.

Drums are all BitWig built-in drum synths, because they're good enough and easier than hunting for samples. Actually I'm considering sampling some of the synthesized Bitwig drums for use in Live tracks, because this kick is in some ways 'just what I've been looking for'.


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