Taming The Koloss (1.3)

About The Song

I was walking around listening to the last few chapters of Well of Ascension and it was so awesome that it inspired this track. It's about everyone's favorite Mistborn being totally badass.

The song/track ID is "Kolaths" instead of "Koloss" because, listening to the Graphic Audio adaptation rather than reading the ink-on-paper book, I misheard the word, and assumed the 'K' version because it sounded like the name of a teacher I had in highschool.

As of 2024-01-09, I am having some trouble finishing it because I feel like it has so much potential that I'm afraid to mess it up! Which is dumb. I can, of course, always make another version.

[2024-02-19]: Version 1.3 is neat, but strays from the original ambience a bit. Maybe that's okay. But I could also make a '1.3 but no drums version'.

I also want better cover art. I may need to find someone to help me with this.

About This Version (1.3)

What if I take this track, but mess with it by adding the parts that I imagined were there while in the shower? And some drums, lemao.


It's dank! I love what it builds into
—Fizz, 2024-02-19

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