Minstr Test 2120 (version 'bl')

Good music has a story
—Hans Zimmer (paraphrased) in some masterclass advert I saw on YouTube one time

Maybe it is fine if the 'story' is "I was trying to learn how Max for Live works"?

There were some adjustments to my Sunday track I still wanted to make, and also I had questions about how to manage Max instruments and presets so I worked on it more today.

Some Q&A being:

can I bundle everything so the file is self-contained?
Yes, that's what freezing does.
Why do my oscillator parameters keep resetting?
Because their values come from the Live preset, not the instrument itself, and Max for some reason resets them when you unfreeze the instrument. You can get around this by, from a separate Live set, unfreezing and editing your patcher, re-freezing, saving as a new file, and then dragging that new .amxd onto your instrument in Live.

Also! As I was dozing off to some choir noise machine the other night I had this brief vision of a custom synthesizer with green panels. Something about there being green panels made it exciting. Apparently I really like Skeuomorphism when it comes to software music devices, as I'm similarly drawn to Reason because the rack looks cool.

Hence the green UI for the main FM synth that plays through the first 2/3 of the song, which is also the cover art.


I like it
That's dope as hell and I like it a lot

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