Sux 2402 (0.5)

I started work on this track thinking about how I might use short, plucky square wave sounds and 5/16 and 5/5 polymeters/polyrhythms. The 5/5 part didn't sound good so I left it out.

That plucky square sound got a few more parts and eventually developed a chord progression, at which point it was time to add some different instruments.

The next thing I wanted to do was to try a technique for layering bass instruments. The higher 'supersaw' part of the bass instrument rack includes a rack of parallel effects, one of which is some heavy reverb followed by a high-frequency-boosting equalizer. "high-frequency-emphasized reverb" is, I suspect, what Deadmau5 used to great effect in 'XYZ' (which I often use as a reference track) to make it sound so airy.

Or: Deep bass + airy highs = sounds good.

I also did the same trick I did with the 'Vital' series where I use a separate instrument for the subbass, which is useful because it gives you a lot of control of those frequencies; there are exactly two pure sine waves down there, entirely mono. And then there's a high-pass filter on the supersaw so that it doesn't interfere in that range at all. Which means you can mess with that sound all you want without muddying up the lows.

I saved that instrument rack as 'SuperBass2402', alongside several other, very similar presets.

I used some 'Big Break' drum rack preset for most of the drums, including the snare, a clap that's layered over the snare, offset slightly to the left, and some short distorted vocal samples. The main kick, layered over that, is my old standby, 'glued 707'. nothing-wrong-with-that.gif

And then all the standard clip-to-zero techniques for mixing everything.


After 1:20, it really starts to slap. I like the mix too. Nice panning, everything sounds full and clear. Great job.
—cgroi, Reddit

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