Vital 2230 (version 'ah')

A long, low-effort, ambientish track that resulted from me messing around in Ableton Live long into the night with a baby on my lap. It's kind of the not-as-good sibling to Vital 2140 (many of my tracks have a not-as-good sibling).

For this version I was practicing using new headphones, the spectrum, and a reference track ('Some Chords' by Deadmau5) to see if I can get it sounding 'nice and loud'.

I like how the main bass sounds.[1]


  1. As of 2022-03-28, I have yet to listen to it in the car and make sure that it doesn't suffer from the 'too much bass by itself' problem that SG-P20 Demo 2201 has.
BPM120, 128

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