Mulker 22.4

I noticed a month or so ago that as good a remastering as version 'hab' was, it was missing an element of version 'gfi' that in hindsight was pretty cool and added quite a nice texture to the mix, namely the phasing effect on the 'dingalings' track.

It took a little bit of work to update 'hab' to 'iaa' to include that element, since 'hab' was made by taking TOGoS-expungeggb.ogg in its entirety and applying some effects in Ableton Live. I re-exported the individual stems from Reason (split up maybe a little more than absolutely necessary; see 'Samples' under the Live project) and made a new set with all the mastering effects of 'hab', keeping the resonance effect based on the entire TOGoS-expungeggb.ogg but dropping the 'dry' chain, and re-mixing everything else, with the phasor effect on 'dingalings'.

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MP3 192TOGoS-expungeiaa.192.mp3

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