date: 2016-06-26
title: Working on a graphics editor.  Have some Synthwave.

Working on a graphics editor. Have some Synthwave. - 2016-06-26 - Entry 10 - TOGoS's Project Log

I've been working on various subsystems for Game21. Mostly related to data loading and Forth VMs. My goal for next demo is a graphics editor, though 'editor' might give the wrong impression, since you won't be clicking in pixels directly, but writing a Forth program that generates images given a transformation matrix and animation phase. The possibility would be left open to have a more point-and-clicky object builder or provide a way to import some standard 3D model format, but this would at least make it possible to start making graphics.

A week or so ago I stumbled onto Dynatron on YouTube after some THYX track because I was on a Mind.In.A.Box kick. My brain has been playing Rise to the Stars on loop ever since. And I think I may have finally found a genre that categorizes my own music better than 'electronic'. Apparently this stuff is called 'synthwave'. On Friday night I decided to take a few minutes to try to reproduce some of those very bodyful synth bass sounds and ended up staying up all night making a new song. I'm not entirely happy with the middle so won't call it finished just yet, but here's a preview.

I'm way more excited about the upcoming Factorio 0.13.0 release than I should be.