date: 2023-01-08
title: Prototype LED Strip Grid Beam
subject: WSITEM-100886

Prototype LED Strip Grid Beam - WSITEM-100886 - 2023-01-08 - Entry 35 - TOGoS's Project Log

I took a break from worrying about French cleats today to:

Following are my notes about the new light fixture.

Buttons and power in/outlets
Backside, with all the wiring

WSITEM-100886 is intended to test some new, or maybe it's not so new, technique. I just want LED strips that 'just work' and don't require me to build some fancy rack and control panel for them.

For purposes of getting this done quickly, I did not sand or treat the wood in any way. If I were to do this 'nice[ly]' I would sand the wood and put a nice finish on it before doing any wiring, though I would refrain from epoxying everything together, since that makes it very difficult to do repairs.

High-level design

To carve the wire channels, I started out using a disc bit on the Dremel. This...sort of worked, but was clearly not the best tool for that job. I later went back over those grooves with a cyllindrical grinding bit, which, while still not ideal, gave more control and allowed me to, with patience, widen and deepen the grooves so that all the wires would fit.


Finishing up

Thoughts on things to do differently next time

Notes on hole sizes

Other notes

In the process of doing the wiring on this thing, I cleaned up the 12V wiring from my benchtop power supply to go through a PowerPole distribution block and made myself some PowerPole jumper cables to replace the janky chain of stacked banana plugs and alligator clips:

PowerPole distribution block