date: 2023-07-15
title: End Drilling
summary: I 3D-printed some jigs to help drill holes into the ends of boards

End Drilling - 2023-07-15 - Entry 40 - TOGoS's Project Log

Now we can drill 5/16" holes into the ends of two-by-twos with confidence!

WSITEM-200597 + anonymous attachment and 5/16″ ID × 1½″ aluminium bushing, forming a two-by-two end drilling jig

I like that Thangs and Thingiverse make nice previews of my models, but uploading all the files to them is kind of a chore, and both of the sites are a bit flaky. really wants to say my model is a 'Character' (category), and Thingiverse likes to show outdated version of my description, and its customizer crashes with a "parse error in line 111". It probably doesn't help that I shoved two separate OpenSCAD objects into one Thingiverse item.