title: Baby-Resistant Door Latches
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subject: WSPROJECT-200872
summary: I made latches for doors using stacks of short wooden gridrail that rotate together on long bolts.
date: 2024-03-26
tags: woodworking, door-latches, danish-oil, t-nuts
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Baby-Resistant Door Latches - WSPROJECT-200872 - 2024-03-26 - Entry 45 - TOGoS's Project Log


Solution: These wooden door latch things:

Exterior latch
Interior handle

I've installed these on three different doors, now, and while the design changes a bit each time, I like to think it's approaching perfection. The basic idea is that an 'external latch' catches the door frame, preventing the door from opening unless it is turned vertical. An 'interior handle' provides a way to turn it from the inside. It's all held together by a single 1/4″-20 bolt or threaded rod.