TOGoS's Project Log

47static <T> T todo(String message)2024-06-12
46How To Make Cables Go Where You Want Them To2024-04-21
45Baby-Resistant Door Latches2024-03-26
44Filled Shells2024-02-22
43Thoughs on Actions and Thunks2024-02-13
42Pocket Routing with 3D-Printed Template and Matchfit Clamps2023-12-24
41Is This Literate Programming?2023-07-13
40End Drilling2023-07-15
39Resin Casting2023-07-14
38Tasmota Relay Box2023-07-03
373D-Printed Gridbeam Panel Router Jigs2023-06-28
36ChatGPT is so validating w.r.t. my decades-late insights into software engineering principles2023-03-13
35Prototype LED Strip Grid Beam2023-01-08
34Gridbeam(ish) King Bed Frame2022-04-12
33Goat Snow Fort2022-02-20
32Overthinking TypeScript Types2021-12-17
31A Very Overengineered Audio Splitter Panel2021-11-24
28Gotta cut wood2020-10-30
27Silly project ideas2019-11-27
26Gridbeam, gridblock, and gridrack2019-09-11
25Software Interview Questions2017-11-27
24Minecraft, Factorio, Game thing2017-08-09
23How to build a solar panel2017-05-09
21Random mazes2016-10-30
20Maze Editing2016-10-10
19Maze thing, part 22016-09-26
18Maze thing2016-09-23
17Importing .obj files, ugly polygons2016-09-02
16Belt thing2016-08-27
15IPv6 over WebSocket2016-08-26
14Ping my router!2016-08-22
13Secondary action invocation in Phrebar2016-08-03
11Procedural Shape Editor2016-07-14
10Working on a graphics editor. Have some Synthwave.2016-06-26
9Bouncy Balls2016-04-27
8Simplex Noise2016-04-17
7Shape Sheet Images!2016-04-09
4Simplifying the blob downloader2013-09-20